About Melaku

Melaku’s music is both classic and modern, pulling from the timeless sounds of the past and updating them with modern pop sensibilities.  His debut album “Golden Age” was released in late 2018, and was met with critical success from publications like The Indie Source, Tattoo Magazine, With Guitars Magazine , The Big Takeover, and Consequence of Sound.  

A singer, songwriter, and producer, Melaku recorded the album himself at his hometown recording studio and released it on his independent record label, Angellion Records. Long before his debut came out, Melaku was writing and recording songs.  Raised in California’s Santa Cruz County, he began recording songs at 13, and soon after, started working with and recording various local rock bands and rap groups.  

In college at Columbia University, Melaku began writing Pop & R&B songs, which landed him a management deal that lead to him working with producers pitching songs to artists like Ke$ha, Flo Rida, B.o.B, Jacob Lattimore, and Collie Buddz and labels like Universal Motown, Atlantic Records, Tulsa Records, Easy Star Records, and G Note.  In this role, Melaku discovered many of the secrets of songwriting, and this sparked a desire to bring what he was learning into his own musical style.  

In childhood, Melaku had been primarily exposed to classic pop music from the 60s and 70s.  At 5 years old, he was on stage singing Chuck Berry songs, and his love for the sounds of that early guitar-based music stayed with him throughout his life.  Primacy of the guitar can be found on all of his current records, a nod to the greats that came before, and an act of defiance against the erasure of that instrument in the current Pop landscape.  

The impact of Melaku’s songs go far beyond the sonic, because of his commitment to creating music with a message.   On his personal hero’s journey, the encounter with dizzying highs, tragic lows, and intense revelations expanded his perspective on life and transformed him spiritually.  His music is imbued with the lessons learned, and the visions seen.  

Melaku is now in the studio recording his sophomore effort "Dream World," which promises to show the artist further finding his unique sound.  The album goes more into his personal relationships, and further into the breakthroughs that can come through break-ups.

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...A breath of fresh life into sounds of the past with his uplifting and spiritual music.”

Aaron Escobedo, With Guitars Magazine

Golden Age...is a ready-made, tightly coherent package of unadulterated, artful pop.”

Cody Conard, Big Takeover

The album contains some of the best written pop songs on the planet today.”

Eileen Shapiro, The Indie Source

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